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Contraceptive Choice & Access

Methods of birth control

Women have a right to high-quality reproductive care and should be able to make their own health decisions.

Choices about birth control and reproductive health are often driven by the health care system rather than the patient. Millions of women lack access to a reproductive health provider, while economic, social, and political factors affect the quality of care some receive. And many providers don’t offer all birth control options, leading to inequitable treatment. 

We are working to promote equity, autonomy, and justice in the reproductive health care system by expanding access to contraception, closing gaps in reproductive health care coverage, and informing women about their contraception options. We aim to learn more about the issues that affect women who have been disenfranchised by the health care system. And our grants include technical assistance to state governments, funding for programs that provide same-day access to birth control, and research about how to improve access.

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Contraceptive Choice & Access Grants


Number of women who don’t have access to all birth control methods
Proportion of black women who experience discrimination when obtaining family planning services
Proportion of adults who say everyone deserves access to all birth control methods
Proportion of sexually active women who have used at least one contraception method


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