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Application deadline: Jan. 202023

Arnold Ventures is a philanthropy whose core objective is to maximize opportunity and minimize injustice. We are dedicated to tackling some of the most pressing problems in the United States. We invest in sustainable change, building it from the ground up based on research, deep thinking, and a strong foundation of evidence. We drive public conversation, craft policy, and inspire action through education and advocacy.

Position Overview

Arnold Ventures’ Health Care portfolio aims to develop evidence-based policy to contain costs and make health care more affordable for governments, businesses, and households. We fund work across four broad issue areas: Provider Payment Incentives and Medicare Sustainability, Commercial Sector Prices, Drug Prices, and Complex Care. The team works with experts from inside and outside government to reform the health care system through evidence generation, policy development, communications, and technical assistance to support policy change. 

We are seeking an Analyst to help provide research, analytical, and operational support to our Drug Prices team. The Drug Pricing portfolio focuses on the development and execution of strategies that strike a balance between meaningful, evidence-based drug development and affordability. We work to understand the various drivers of high drug and biologic prices, which include patent abuses and anticompetitive behaviors, market distortions, high launch prices and unjustified price increases, and supply chain intermediaries’ effect on prices. This portfolio also works to understand ways to improve the strength of evidence used by the FDA in drug and biologic approvals and increase transparency and comparability of clinical trial data. This individual will work closely with team members on substantive, policy-oriented projects, and gain experience in supporting high-impact philanthropic projects on these health care issues. 

Core Responsibilities

  • Provide analytical and operational support for the Health Care team’s funding initiatives, including active collaboration with team members on grants management and team process management
  • Conduct research/​analysis of health care and clinical trials programs, policies, and other subject areas of interest while leveraging the same to help develop projects and policy recommendations 
  • Support tracking, analyzing, and summarizing policy developments, external events, research and policy papers, and environment related to the team’s focus areas
  • Compose, fact-check, update, and/​or edit presentation slides, policy papers, website content, and other written materials
  • Actively contribute to team meetings regarding projects, including gathering key insights, suggesting ideas, and synthesizing evidence with analysis
  • Coordinate and actively contribute to meetings with grantees, partners, and stakeholders, including researchers, policymakers, and others

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • 1 – 2 years of experience in a related field is preferred, including part-time work or internships; preference for experience in positions involving policy reform, research, and/​or project management
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, with the ability to summarize and communicate key takeaways to diverse, nontechnical audiences. 
  • Strong ability to analyze policy, research, and related data and information for strategic insights.
  • Exceptional project management and organizational skills. 

Core Values

Our culture seeks to inspire and empower our people to innovate and develop bold ideas that will help Arnold Ventures achieve lasting impact. Our culture, and the core values that support it, should create an environment that spurs our team to think outside the box, feel comfortable pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and signal confidence in our team’s ability to make change happen through our philanthropic efforts. Although not an exhaustive list, below you’ll find examples of Arnold Ventures’ work culture. 

  • We are adaptable and comfortable with ambiguity. 
  • We are intellectually curious, open-minded, objective, humble, collegial, and receptive to feedback. 
  • We are action-oriented with strong self-direction and self-motivation skills with the ability to work simultaneously on multiple projects. 
  • We can interact confidently and collaboratively with team members and navigate relationships with external experts, government leaders, advocates, and other stakeholders. 

Arnold Ventures’ values are integral to our lived experience. They genuinely reflect who we are as an organization, help us accelerate our strategic goals, strengthen our resolve, anchor us to our mission, and guide our decision-making. The successful candidate will also demonstrate the following core values that inspire the Arnold Ventures team to make a difference. 

  • Respect for Ourselves & Others 
  • Audacious Action
  • Collaborative Engagement
  • Depth of Thought 
  • Clear Communication

Arnold Ventures is an equal opportunity employer, committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. All qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, gender identity or expression, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, military/​veteran status, or any basis prohibited by applicable law.

Acknowledging the importance of diverse perspectives, Arnold Ventures is committed to employing individuals from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of experiences. Members of historically marginalized communities and candidates who have been impacted by the systems we are seeking to change are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline: 01.20.2023



Arnold Ventures funds projects to understand problems and identify policy solutions.

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